It is late December and the chill is in the air. Perhaps time for play with Mistress Anne. Before you book a session, some tips.

When you are inquiring about a session. Don’t ask me to play out the entire scenario on the phone or text. I have phone/ text sessions for that at a reduced rate.

I do not offer any illegal activities (sex). Don’t ask

I do not need to hear your sob story as to why you do not want to leave a deposit as per my protocol. Been there , done that

Don’t ask for a current pic. That is why I have Twitter, tiktok ,Instagram, onlyfans, loyalfans, unlockd. Don’t be a lazy fool.

First timers are fine, I try to be patient and guide you but pay attention and answer my questions especially the important ones.

Overall I can get to everyone, if you have a specific time frame in mind, a deposit will ensure the appointment. Remember time is of the essence.