When I saw a recent video clip off three beautiful dommes encouraging a white sub male to suck some BBC, I was so jealous because that black man put a spell on me. But it took Mistress What a body!
Anne’s kindness and encouragement for me to enjoy it rather than to be ashamed. When I first watched the preview clip, which I found by accident, wanted to caress that black stud’s chest and smother his pelvis with butterfly kisses. Then I wanted to tenderly stroke and suck that powerful cock while he groans in pleasure, his big beautiful balls tickling my chin. And when he fires his man juice I will be releasing some of his powerful essence. Mmmmmmm!
The thrill of being forced to cut loose and be a slut while those bitches laugh! I am beginning to realize that black men are powerful and that as a white male the only place for me to be is on my knees to worship them, preferably for the amusement of a woman. Mavbe someday I will service that god as the harpies rejoice. It’s hard to be a convert to that body! One love indeed! Power to him and Mistress Anne, who trained me to be comfortable with my new desires! The preview clip is below.


Sorry Piggie