Last night I had my first session with Mistress Anne after corresponding thru her e mail. We met at a hotel in North Jersey, she let me know a few minutes before her arrival so I can be ready on my knees, eyes lowered, with the session money in my hands. Mistress Anne entered the room and I was already shaking with her powerful presence and her soft voice, although I did not dare look up at her with out her permission
She patted me on the head, took my money out of my hands and gave me permission to look up at her. So beautiful! Her many photos on her website do not do her justice. Ms anne then gave me a hand spanking before I was ordered over her lap for a harder spanking
Mistress Anne then put a maids outfit on me saying that not only would i be her pet, but I would also be her sissy slave and kept locked in strict chastity in the near future. I decided that whatever she wanted, I would do for her. She then allowed me to massage her lovely feet for a long time. I was happy that said I did a good job.
While I was massaging her feet, she and I talked about music and life. She was definitely not watching the clock. She is so intelligent and very easy to talk to. Mistress then put me over her knees again for whipping with a heavier paddle. My ass was so red. As I wanted to suffer for my Asian goddess, I took it all.
At the end of the session she kissed me on the cheek and we hugged and I am looking forward to being on my knees before Mistress Anne soon again!

Slave Andy

Slave Andy

When I saw a recent video clip off three beautiful dommes encouraging a white sub male to suck some BBC, I was so jealous because that black man put a spell on me. But it took Mistress What a body!
Anne’s kindness and encouragement for me to enjoy it rather than to be ashamed. When I first watched the preview clip, which I found by accident, wanted to caress that black stud’s chest and smother his pelvis with butterfly kisses. Then I wanted to tenderly stroke and suck that powerful cock while he groans in pleasure, his big beautiful balls tickling my chin. And when he fires his man juice I will be releasing some of his powerful essence. Mmmmmmm!
The thrill of being forced to cut loose and be a slut while those bitches laugh! I am beginning to realize that black men are powerful and that as a white male the only place for me to be is on my knees to worship them, preferably for the amusement of a woman. Mavbe someday I will service that god as the harpies rejoice. It’s hard to be a convert to that body! One love indeed! Power to him and Mistress Anne, who trained me to be comfortable with my new desires! The preview clip is below.


Sorry Piggie